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Paddling: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
How to Strap Your Canoe or Kayak to a Roof Rack
Anyone who paddles a kayak or canoe must have a way to transport them to and from the water. Serious paddlers have this fact in mind whenever they make an automobile purchase. While canoe and kayak roof racks can be fitted to virtually any type of vehicle, some manufacturers make it easier than others.
10 Must-Have Safety Items for Kayaking and...
To Dress for water safety should be a top priority for paddlers of canoes and kayaks. Here is a list of the top 10 things paddlers should wear or have on board to ensure the safety of themselves and the people they are with.
10 Reasons Kayaks Are Better Than Canoes
While the relationship between canoeists and kayakers is generally copasetic, there is an unspoken superiority that each group usually feels over the other. Both enjoy a level of camaraderie that comes from doing a common activity, both feel that they are doing it better than the other. To add to the fray, here is a list of the benefits of paddling a kayak over a canoe. Please bear in mind these are generalizations and with the latest developments in boat technology these reasons do not hold true for all boats. If you are a true blue canoeist and take umbrage at anything listed here, please see the Top 10 Reasons Canoes are Better Than Kayaks.
Learn What to Take on Your Next (or first)...
Make sure you don't forget anything on your next canoe camping trip. A properly planned trip often involves lots of research, conversation, and packing. An overnight canoe trip checklist can be the difference between being fully prepared or forgetting something that is important to your paddling trip.
How to Buy the Right Kayak Paddle
This article explains the different attributes and design features that go into buying a kayak paddle.
The Different Types of Canoes
Here is a list and description of different types of canoes to help you navigate the different options you have when choosing a canoe.
The Top 10 Differences Between Rowing and...
To many people rowing and paddling are the same thing. To be sure, there is a bigger difference between rowing and paddling than semantics.
How to Canoe - Learn Your Canoe Strokes
It should be surprising that most canoe owners don't know how to canoe. All too often these people only employ one type of canoe stroke and switch the side they are paddling on way too frequently. This guide will explain the skill progression needed to learn how to canoe, including how to hold a canoe paddle, how to take a forward stroke, hot to take a canoe j-stroke, how to take a canoe draw stroke, and how to paddle a canoe in tandem.
Learn To Properly Hold a Kayak Paddle
This step helps the paddler understand his or her control grip on the paddle. Page 5.
The Top 5 Canoe & Kayak Tips
The Top 5 Canoe & Kayak Tips for Maximum Enjoyment
What Muscles and Body Parts Do You Use While...
All muscle groups, joints, and body parts are utilized in one way or another while kayaking, dispelling the idea that kayaking mainly works the arms.
Top 10 Reasons Canoes are Better Than Kayaks
While the relationship between canoeists and kayakers is generally copasetic, there is an unspoken superiority that each group usually feels over the other. Both enjoy a level of camaraderie that comes from doing a common activity. Both feel that they are doing it better than the other. On average, these represent the assumptions of canoes over kayaks. To add to the fray, here is a list of the benefits of paddling a canoe over a kayak.
What to Pack on Your Next Whitewater Rafting Trip
If you’ve never been whitewater rafting, it may be a bit perplexing what you should bring on the trip with you. Even if you are a whitewater rafting veteran, it is still easy to forget what to pack for the river. This whitewater and river rafting checklist will help guide you through your trip preparation. Of course, check with your outfitter for more specific details on what you should bring as this rafting checklist contain mere suggestions for your whitewater or river rafting trip.
Get Into a Kayak
This article outlines the steps for how to get into a kayak safely.
Repairing Plastic Kayaks
Here are some guidelines on how to repair each type of plastic kayak and canoe damage that are typically occur over time.
Kayak Storage
Here's how to store plastic kayaks to do the least amount of damage to your boat. Usually, kayaks end up stacked or standing up in a garage or backyard, collecting dust and getting deformed in the process.
How to Kayak
Kayaking is still one of the fastest growing of the water sports in the United States. While it's true that anyone can rent a kayak and begin to paddle, most people don't take a lesson to learn the essentials of kayaking. This how-to will tell you some of the beginning skills you'll need to understand before getting into and paddling a kayak.
The Essential Kayak Equipment
This a list of the necessary kayak equipment a person should buy when getting started. Buying your first kayak equipment is a bitter-sweet moment. Here you will find an explanation of the essential kayak gear that a kayaker must have as well as other non-essential equipment one may want to consider purchasing.
Top 5 Online SUP Package Deals
As standup paddleboarding increases in popularity, there becomes the need to offer online entry level deals that quickly and simply get people into the sport of SUP. This is good news for people interested in learning to standup paddle board. There are a number of companies and deals online that cater to this very market. If you must have your own paddle board and standup paddle before figuring out your preference here is a list of the top 5 online SUP Package deals.
Types of Kayaks and Kayaking
Kayaking means different things to different people. To some it conjures up ideas of serenity, peace, and leaving cares aside. To others the word kayaking evokes imagery of adventure and excitement. It can be fast paced or laid back and everything in between. As varied as the paddlers themselves, kayaking is really a sport for all ages, abilities, and preferences. Here is a list and explanation of some of the different types of kayaking.
An Explanation of the Sport of Paddling
This article explains the basic definition of paddling as well as the difference between kayaking and canoeing.
Roll a Kayak: Skill Progression
Being able to roll a kayak is an absolute must for all whitewater kayakers. This kayak roll skill progression will help guide you through these skills.
How to Sit in a Kayak
Most people wouldn't think there would need to be instructions on how to sit in a kayak. Of course, those who would think that have probably never gotten into one. The truth is, while properly sitting in a kayak isn't difficult it does require some guidance the first time in the boat.
Learn to Eskimo Roll Your Kayak
Every kayaker should learn how to flip their kayaks back over if they end up upside down, otherwise known as the Eskimo Roll. Here are the steps to one method of doing what is known as the Eskimo Roll.
Getting Started in the Sport of Paddling
Getting Started in the Sport of Paddling. Choose the Right Type of Paddling for You. There are many factors to consider when deciding to paddle. Some of these factors are why you want to paddle, where you will paddle, who you will paddle with, and what type of canoe or kayak you want to paddle.
Choosing a Kayak
There are lots of factors to consider when choosing a kayak. The type of kayaking a person will be doing, where they will be kayaking, how large they are, their experience level, and a person’s budget all factor into the kayak that this would be paddler should end up with. Here are the questions to ask when choosing a kayak.
Strap Two Kayaks to a Roof Rack
Trying to strap two kayaks to a factory installed or aftermarket roof rack without roof rack attachments can be a challenge. Most roof racks will easily support and carry two kayaks at a time if they are placed on the roof rack using the proper method. This article will explain the steps for safely and securely strapping two kayaks to a roof rack. Some steps require further explanation.
What Should My Kayak Be Made of?
There are many factors to consider when choosing a kayak such as the material the kayak is made of. This article explains the difference between plastic kayaks and fiberglass kayaks.
What Equipment Do I Need to Start Kayaking?
This a list of the necessary equipment a person needs to buy when getting started in kayaking.
How to Size Vibram FiveFingers Toe Pockets Shoes
Here is my advice on how to properly size your foot for FiveFingers products. recently testing the Maiori and the Signa, two of Vibram’s latest FiveFingers shoes and their own ones made specifically for the water, I learned a few things about how to choose and wear comfortably Vibram’s toe-pocket shoes. Here is my advice on how to properly size your foot for FiveFingers products.
Go Kayak Surfing in the Ocean: Surf Kayaking...
Ocean Kayak surfing is one of the best kept secrets in the paddling world. There are so many benefits to surf kayaking in the ocean that it really is amazing why more people haven’t picked it up. Whether you’re a whitewater pro wanting to branch out to the sea or you’ve never been in a kayak and think it looks fun, this how-to will help you on your way to ocean kayak surfing.
Overnight Paddling Trip Gear Checklist
Here is a list of all the items that could be taken on a camping and canoeing trip. The items in this checklist are separated into camping, clothing, canoe or kayak, food, and recreational items. Page 2.
Kayaking Strokes
A list of kayaking strokes that kayakers should learn and are the prerequisites to learning the more advanced kayaking strokes.
Canoe J-Stroke
This how-to explains the steps involved in the canoeing manuever known as the j-stroke. The canoe J-Stroke is probably the most important canoe stroke to learn. Every person who has ever sat in a canoe knows how difficult it is to keep it going straight. With every stroke of the paddle, the canoe wants to turn to the opposite side. The canoe j-stroke is the remedy to this problem and actually allows the canoeist to correct the direction of the canoe while paddling forward.
The Anatomy of a Paddle Stroke
The Anatomy of a Paddle Stroke. Paddlers have a wide variety of choices to employ in their arsenal of paddle strokes. There's the forward stroke, the draw stroke, and the j-stroke to name just a few. No matter what paddle stroke you use in a canoe or kayak, they all have the same parts. The anatomy of every paddle stroke consists of three phases. First there's the catch phase which is followed by the power phase and then by the recovery phase.
Perfect the Canoe Forward Stroke
This article explains how to do the most basic canoe stroke known as the canoe forward stroke.
What to Expect on a Whitewater River Rafting Trip
Whitewater river rafting is one of those adventure activities that conjures up all kinds of ideas in people's heads. Most people have their own ideas or impressions about what a whitewater river rafting trip entails. Here are some points you may not have considered in preparation for your next (or first) whitewater river rafting trip.
Hold a Canoe Paddle
This article describes to the reader how to hold a canoe paddle.
Wet-Exit Your Kayak While it is Upside Down
Being able to safely exit a kayak while it is upside down, also known as a wet-exit, is an extremely crucial skill to the survival of every kayaker. Successfully wet exiting your kayak can be the difference between life and death. This how to will give you the basi
What to Watch Out for While Whitewater Rafting
Here are the top 5 dangers to watch out for when whitewater rafting. The point of this article is not to asses the level of danger involved in whitewater rafting, but rather to highlight the dangers.
How To Plan an Overnight Canoe or Kayak...
There are many factors to consider in the planning of an overnight canoe or kayak trip. Canoe camping is one of the greatest The beginning canoeist and expert alike must consider these 10 things before setting out on an overnight paddling excursion.
The Essential Canoe Equipment
This a list of the necessary canoe equipment and gear a person needs to buy when getting started.
Kayak Repair Supplies
The following kayak and canoe gear repair and maintenance items will help increase the life of your canoeing and kayaking gear. Most of these items can be bought at hardware stores, NRSweb.com, or by doing an internet search for the bolded title.
How to Hip Snap Your Kayak
The hip-snap is the driving force behind being able to flip a kayak back over once it is upside down. This article teaches a person how to practice the hip snap in a kayak.
: a river feature that forms just downstream of an obstruction. An eddy can form on the side of a river
Parts of a Standup Paddleboard (SUP)
Here is the different lingo referring to the parts of a standup paddleboard and their overall function as they relate to the design of the board. While some of the terminology and components are the same as a surfboard there are a few extra components on a standup paddleboard that every SUP paddler should know.
The United States Coast Guard PFD Specifications
The United States Coast Guard (USCG) has developed their specifications and criteria for approved personal flotation devices or PFDs as they are known.
The Tilley T7MO Organic Cotton with 3D Mesh Hat...
While not exclusively a canoeing or kayaking hat, the Tilley T7MO Organic Cotton with 3D Mesh Hat certainly does have a number of paddler friendly features incorporated into it. So, I decided to put it to the test for exactly that while paddleboarding and fishing one day. Here is my review of this product.
Strap a Kayak and Paddle to a Roof Rack
While attempting to strap a kayak to a roof rack can present its own problems, figuring out what to do with a kayak paddle poses its own set of obstacles. Most people try to fit the kayak paddle in their vehicle, scratching the roof, doors, seats, and dashboard in the process. For some reason very few people consider strapping the paddle onto the roof rack along with their kayak. This method keeps the paddle out of the car and lessens the likelihood of damage to interior of your vehicle.
Basic Whitewater Kayaking River Features
It is crucial that the whitewater kayaker, canoeist, and rafter know not only the terminology for whitewater river features but also how to identify them as well as be able to communicate them to other whitewater paddlers. Here is a list of the most common river features and hazards that whitewater kayakers, canoeists, and rafters must know.
Kayaking and Canoeing in Yosemite National Park
All about Kayaking and Canoeing the Merced River in Yosemite National Park. But the truth is for paddlers, the canoeing and kayaking in Yosemite National Park is probably the best way to see the most famous sights in the park.
Paddleboards: Plastic or Fiberglass
Here is a review of some of the factors that will play into the decision on whether to buy a plastic paddleboard or the traditional fiberglass paddleboards.
When to Kayak instead of Standup Paddleboard
Here is a list of reasons of when you would want to kayak instead of standup paddleboard. Rather than looking to paddleboarding as replacing kayaking, it should be viewed as a complement to it. There are times when a paddleboard is preferable to a kayak. There are other situations when paddling a kayak is the right tool for the trade.
10 Factors to Consider in Planning an Ovenight...
If you are going to do an overnight canoe trip you need to first find out where you will be able to camp. Once you have your list of locations of where you can paddle and camp, you need to decide which location has the right kind of features for your trip. There are a number of other factors to consider when planning an overnight canoe or kayak trip. This article features a list of 10 things you should consider when planning an overnight paddling trip. Page 2.
How to do the Kayak Draw Stroke
The Kayak Draw stroke is the technique that will move the kayak sideways. Most people assume that this is an impossible maneuver. Read the steps below and learn how to do the kayak draw stroke and amaze your friends as your kayak slides sideways in the water.
Do the Canoe Draw Stroke
This how-to explains the steps involved in the canoeing manuever known as the draw stroke. The canoe draw stroke, along with the j-stroke, is one of the most important canoe strokes to learn yet most recreational canoeists don't even know it exists. Learning the canoe draw stroke can eliminate the need to switch sides every few strokes as it will help to keep the canoe moving in a straight direction.
How to Use a Kayak Rudder
While rudders aid in turning the boat, that is not their main function. Here are some tips on when and how to use the a kayak rudder.
Paddling for exercise
Paddling is great exercise. It helps to build cardiovascular, aerobic, and upper body conditioning effects. Learn all about these benefits here.
A Calendar of Paddling and Whitewater Festivals...
This document contains a calendar of paddling and whitewater festivals around the United States. Start filling up your weekend schedule from now.
Gauley Fest by American Whitewater
Each year American Whitewater hosts their largest fundraiser known as Gauley Fest. Started in 1983 and held on the third weekend in September, the Gauley River Festival is boasted to be the largest boater, meaning paddler, festival in the world. While AW only has a full-time staff of 8, Gauley Fest has become an international gathering of over 4000 paddlers of kayaks, canoes, rafts, and outdoors enthusiasts of all types.
How Perception Kayaks Changed the Kayaking...
How Perception Kayaks Changed the Kayaking Industry. Perception Kayaks boasts having introduced more people to paddling than any other kayak manufacturer. This may come as a surprise to those who are more recently familiar with the kayak industry as there are a lot of brands to choose from nowadays. That is however a relatively new phenomenon. In business for over 30 years, Perception Kayaks is the industry recognized pioneer of plastic roto-molded kayaks which makes their claim much more credible.
Stretching Tips for Kayakers
Stretching before kayaking is an often overlooked but vital step in the paddling process. Here are some stretching tips for kayaking to help you develop a routine that doesn’t take too long but helps you keep your body flexible for kayaking.
Canoe and Kayak Gear Storage
Nothing is worse than getting out on the water and finding out that some item you’re wearing is ripped or broken. Also, canoe and kayak gear isn’t cheap. It is for these reasons that we should take every step we can to make sure that we can get as much life out of our gloves, booties, paddling jackets, pfds, and whatever we paddle with as we can. Here is a list of 5 things you can do while packing up your stuff to help extend the life of your gear.
Paddle Float Tutorial - How to Self Rescue...
The first step in any self-rescue that does not involve rolling a kayak is to wet-exit the kayak. While a relatively simply manuever, wet-exiting a kayak must still be peformed properly. First tuck forward and upward toward the bow of the kayak. Hold the kayak paddle with one hand and pull the grab loop with the other hand. Once the spray skirt has released from the cockpit combing push the kayak off at the hips. Upon resurfacing be sure to hang on to both the kayak and the paddle. Page 2.
Whitewater Kayak Brands
Here are the most popular whitewater kayak brands to choose from. With the advent of plastic mass-produced boats now on the scene, many whitewater kayak brands also sprang up. The difference between the brands of kayaks is mainly one of preference. Dagger Kayaks, Wave Sport Kayaks, Jackson Kayaks, Prijon Kayaks, Riot Kayaks, Pyranha Kayaks
How to do the Kayak Forward Sweep Stroke
There are times when paddling underway in a kayak when you will want to make a correction to your heading. There are other times when you are stationary in a kayak and you will want to turn the kayak to one side or another. The Forward Sweep Stroke is the perfect stroke to accomplish either of these maneuvers. Following are the steps on how to execute a forward sweep stroke on the right side of your kayak. This same technique can obviously be performed on the left by making the necessary adjustments to the instructions.
Understanding the Whitewater Classification...
This article explains the Whitewater Classification System known as the International Scale of River Difficulty.
SUP – Kayak Hybrids : What You Need to Know
Learn about SUP - Kayak Hybrids and how to determine if a paddle board that can be paddled like a kayak is for you.
What is the Paddler's Box?
The paddler’s box is one of the most crucial kayak paddling techniques to maintain, yet it is also the most frequently violated. When ignored, the paddler will be placing their shoulders at risk of injury as well as creating undue fatigue on the arm muscles. When maintained, the paddler's box makes paddling a joy for the kayaker.
Convert Your SUP into a Kayak
Learn how to convert your standup paddleboard into a SUP-kayak hybrid.
How to Put on a Canoe or Kayak PFD
The United States Coast Guard (USCG) has established the guidelines and specifications for all personal flotation devices. People who paddle kayaks, canoes, and rafts generally wear a Type III PFD. Make sure you are wearing a PFD that is made for paddling. Also ensure that you wear a PFD that is made for your weight, size, or chest dimension. These details will all be listed on the inside of the PFD, usually on a tag that is sown in. Page 2.
How Do I Carry My Kayak?
Instructions on how to carry a kayak.
What is SUP?
Standup paddling is quickly becoming the water sport of choice and while SUP might not be the most popular (yet) it certainly is the fastest growing.
5 Things Not to Do When Storing Your Plastic...
Here’s a List of 5 “What Not to Dos” when it comes to Storing Your Kayak. While a long-term kayak storage strategy can take time to develop and setup, there are some things not to do when storing your kayak in the meantime.
Definition of Type IV PFD
Type IV PFD refers to the 4th level of the United States Coast Guard's (USCG) classfication for personal flotation devices. Type IV PFDs are carried on boats as a device that can be thrown to a drowning person. These are either the circular rings found on commercial boats or around swimming pools. On recreational motor boats, these take the form of seat cushion style devices. They are not meant to be worn.
Advanced Whitewater Kayaking River Feature...
This is a list of those more advanced terms that are used to describe whitewater kayaking river features.A whitewater paddler’s knowledge of whitewater kayaking river features obviously should not stop at the basic terms. Within every features there are varying degrees and nuances that distinguish between even features of the same type.
Remember to tuck when upside down
Tucking and staying in the tucked position is crucial to the safety of the kayaker as well as the first step in rolling a kayak.
Stretches for Kayakers
Here is a list of stretches that kayakers can easily do before kayaking, while taking a break on a kayaking trip, or afterward.
How Young is too Young to Canoe with your...
Here are some guidelines to help you bring your toddlers along while canoeing and to begin to train them into little paddlers. Canoe - How Young is too Young to Canoe with your Toddler
Basic Whitewater Kayaking Playboating Tricks
Here are the basic playboating tricks for kayakers to learn once they have the prerequisites down - surf waves, stern squirt, and the ender.
Definition of Type III PFD
Type III PFD refers to the 3rd level of the United States Coast Guard's (USCG) classfication for personal flotation devices. A Type III PFD has traditionally been used to designate a PFD that is designed for inland conditions. This designation is the one that often refer to watersport specific PFDs such as paddling PFDs, kayaking PFDs, canoeing PFDS and Fishing PFDs.
The New River Gorge Scouting Report
This is a rapid by rapid scouting report of the New River Gorge. The New River is the oldest river on the North American Continent. Every year thousands of raft enthusiasts make the pilgrimage to Fayetteville, WV to brave the high volume Class III to Class V rapids of the famed New River Gorge. “The New” has become a favorite among kayakers and canoeists looking for year-round paddling and consistent conditions throughout the summer.
Dry Suits, Dry Tops, Wet Suits, and Paddle...
When the paddling gets cold kayakers, canoeists, and rafters must decided when to wear a dry suit, wet suit, dry top, or paddle jacket. Some of the nicest paddling is done in warm weather and cool water. Unfortunately, as kayakers, canoeists, and rafters all know, paddling, especially whitewater paddling and sea kayaking, rarely occurs in those conditions. It’s a fact that the best whitewater paddling happens when the conditions are the exact opposite.
How to Deal With Eddies, Eddy Lines, and...
Eddies are a whitewater kayaker's best friend.  They can, however, quickly turn into a paddler's worst nightmare.  The same goes for eddy lines and whirlpools.
Choosing a SUP Paddle
Choosing the right standup paddleboard paddle is the next most important decision you will make after you decide what type of standup paddleboard to buy. In some ways this is even more important than choosing the right kayak paddle since when paddling a paddleboard the rider is so much higher off the surface of the water. Choosing the right SUP paddle is a decision that will ultimately affect the paddling efficiency of the paddler, the paddle, and even the board.
Know How to Float, Swim, and Self Rescue in...
Know what to do when You fall out of your kayak, canoe or raft. At some point or other, everyone who spends any kind of time whitewater kayaking, canoeing, or rafting will end up out of their boat. It is a during these dangerous scenarios when one must be thoroughly prepared and know how to float, swim, and self-rescue while in whitewater rapids. Remember the overall goal is to get yourself and your gear if possible safely to shore.
Kayaking at North-South Lake State Park in the...
Hikers, campers, and nature lovers have all flocked to the Catskill Mountains for hundreds of years and continue to this day. Nestled away, yet at the hub of all of this activity is North-South Lake Campground. Most well known for its hikes and expansive views of the Hudson Valley, the Lakes for which this park is named are an obvious draw and a wonderful place to kayak, canoe, or paddleboat.
5 Tips on Wearing a PFD While Kayaking or...
One of the most important things paddlers of canoes and kayaks can do is wear their PFDs. PFD stands for personal flotation device. It is a life jacket. While it may be “cool” to not wear a PFD, it can also be deadly. Here are five tips on wearing a PFD while kayaking or canoeing to ensure you are making the most of your PFD usage.
How to Throw a Rope Bag In Whitewater to Rescue...
One of the most important pieces of whitewater rescue equipment to aid swimming kayakers, canoeists, and rafters is a throw bag. A throw bag enables the user to toss the rope to a person who is out of their boat and requires rescue from the river. Throw bags are tossed into fast-moving water and even rapids enabling the swimmer to grab the rope and get pulled to safety. These steps will instruct would be rescuers in the art of using a throw bag in whitewater and swift water rescue scenarios.
Virginia and Washington D.C. Kayaking,...
Kayaking, canoeing, and rafting options in the state of Virginia.
Kayaking Dry Bag Supplies Checklist
It’s a good idea to keep a dry bag stocked with these supplies so you never forget any of these often forgotten yet very important items to have on a kayaking and canoeing trip.
Top 10 Reasons to Paddle
Top 10 Reasons to Paddle. Paddle for Adventure. Adventure can be found in any type of paddling. Page 3.
Getting Started in Standup Paddle Boarding
Standup paddleboarding, SUP for short, is taking the sporting world by storm and is quickly becomming the fastest growing watersport in the U.S. An activity that draws broad appeal from among people who love watersports, fitness sports, and adventure activities, paddleboarding can be enjoyed by people of every demographic, age, and fitness level.
Be Sure to Bring These Safety Items Each Time...
Whitewater kayakers must have wear and know how to use the proper safety gear. Here is a list of the kayaking safety gear that whitewater kayakers must have and know how to use.
Kayaking From a Fitness Standpoint
It is very important to your wellbeing that you are well educated on the health and safety factors inherent in the sport of kayaking. Here are some of the basics of kayaking fitness to consider.
Holiday Gifts for Paddlers - Gifts for Paddlers...
Compiled here is a this list of can't-go-wrong holiday gifts for paddlers. Consider giving these items as presents for those canoeists and kayakers in your life during this Christmas and holiday season. Figuring out what presents to give friends and loved ones is difficult enough, make it easier on yourself by giving these kayak and canoe related gifts to the paddlers in your life.
Putting Together a Dry Bag to Bring on Your...
The article explains why and how to put together a dry bag to bring on your kayaking trips.
Kayaking, Canoeing, and Rafting in Alabama
The state of Alabama has all the kayaking and canoeing options you can possibly think of. This really is remarkable because Alabama is primarily thought of as a southern state, not really containing mountains, with not much coastline to speak of. Yet there are plenty of Alabama Kayaking options for both whitewater paddlers and sea kayakers looking to do some paddling in this Gulf Coast State. Here is information that will help you find the perfect paddling destination within the State of Alabama. Go Paddle AL!
Tennessee Kayaking, Canoeing, and Rafting
The paddling opportunities abound in the mountainous state of Tennessee. Also, Tennessee is a premier whitewater kayaking and rafting state.
Standup Paddleboarding Forward Stroke
Learn the SUP forward stroke and you’ll be able to paddle longer, recover quicker, go faster, and have more control over your SUP board than all of your friends. Learn to properly do a standup paddleboarding forward stroke.
FiveFingers Maiori Kayaking, SUP, and...
Here is my assessment and review of how the Vibram FiveFingers Maiori performed under testing, specifically while kayaking, paddleboarding, and creekwalking.
Olympic Rowing Rules and Scoring
Olympic Rowing can be a complicated sport to understand. There are single sculls, double sculls, coxless pairs, coxed quads, and eights to name just a few of the events. Learn all about how to decipher this terminology and how the events are run.
Sea Kayaking Safety Rescues
Kayakers almost never learn the different safety rescues. Not knowing these sea kayak safety rescues can definitely have dire consequences. Here is a skill progression of the different kayak safety rescues sea kayakers should learn.
An Illustrated History of Rowing
The Early Days of Rowing. Paddling. Page 2.
Finding Shark Teeth while Kayaking on the Peace...
Here are some fossil and shark teeth hunting tips for your next canoe or kayak trip down Florida’s Peace River.
Get Into a Scull
This aritcle describes how to get into a scull, a narrow rowing boat.
Kayaking At Key Largo’s John Pennekamp...
John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park is a premier kayaking destination unlike none other in the United States. Located in Key Largo of the Florida Keys, John Pennekamp is a perfect place to kayak for both beginners and experts alike, offering crystal clear waters, mangrove trails, and tropical fish galore.
Standup Paddleboarding Equipment and Gear List
If you’ve ever thought about getting started in stand up paddle boarding you’ve wanted to know what gear you will need to buy. It should be mentioned here that there are ways to learn to standup paddleboard before you buy any equipment. Of course, that is the best way to figure out what you’ll need and if you’ll even like the sport to begin with. However, it doesn’t hurt to get a little preview of that gear list before you ever take a lesson, go to a SUP shop, or borrow your friend’s equipment. Here’s a quick list of the SUP gear that you’ll need:
Different Types of Standup Paddleboarding
Standup paddleboarding is really a platform by which a paddler can do a wide variety of other activities. SUP certainly has appeal for kayakers and canoeists due to the paddling aspect of it. Of course it also is a natural crossover sport for surfers as SUP involves using a surf style board and in its purest form is used to catch waves. However, standup paddleboarding is not only for paddling, surfing, or paddle surfing. There are many other sports that can be done in conjunction with Standup Paddleboarding. Here is a list of 6 sports done on a paddle board.
This article outlines the basics on how to scull.
Determine if You Can Plastic Weld Your Kayak
Here's a guide to help you determine if you will be able to plastic weld your own kayak repair.
How to Safely Exit a Whitewater Kayak
This article describes how to safely exit and get out of a whitewater kayak.
Tips for Paddleboarding with a Child on the Board
Here’s some tips on how to take your young child on the paddleboard with you, at least some of the time.
How to Teach a Friend the Kayak Roll
This page describes the prerequisites to teach someone the kayak roll. The instructor must first know how to roll a kayak before attempting to teach a friend the kayak roll.
All About Canoeing
Here is a beginners guide to help new canoeists learn all about canoeing.
How to Choose a Canoe
Knowing how to choose a canoe at first might seem like a simple task. There doesn’t seem to be much to canoes and the fact that they are designed for different purposes is often not on the radar of soon-to-be canoe owners. Here are some considerations to help you choose your first canoe.
Paddling, Camping, and Fossil Hunting on the...
The Peace River has many trips to offer canoeists and kayakers and is a draw for paddlers looking to do multi-day camping and canoeing trips as well as for fossil hunters looking to score some prehistoric shark teeth. Here is some information about canoeing and kayaking the various stretches of the Peace River.
Plastic Kayaks
The importance of plastic to the paddling and specifically kayaking industry cannot be overstated. While there have been many innovations in kayak design over the years, there has been perhaps no greater advancement in the paddling industry than the introduction of plastic rotational molded kayaks. Kayaking would not be what it is today without plastic. Plastic kayaks has forever changed the sport of kayaking
All About Surf Kayaking
Surf kayaking is a great crossover sport for those whitewater kayakers out there. Surf kayaking also offers some distinct advantages over traditional surfing. These article addresses the benefits of surf kayaking as it relates to whitewater kayaking and traditional surfing.
Definition of Open Water
: Water that is unprotected, well exposed, and influenced by a variety of often dangerous environmental
Paddling Efficiency
Learn the three components in proper paddling technique for canoes and kayaks. They are boat efficiency, paddle efficiency,and body efficiency.
How to Size a Canoe Paddle
Here are four different ways to size a canoe paddle depending on where you are when you do it.
The Anatomy and Features of a Canoe Paddle
Here are some facts about each part of the anatomy of a canoe paddle. There doesn’t seem to be much to a canoe paddle. It’s easy to identify that there are three main parts such as the shaft, the blade, and the handle.
Teaching Your Child to Kayak
It may seem strange to teach kids to kayak while still on land but it is very important. The first kayaking lesson should always take place before you get into the water. Page 4.
Kayak Maintenance
Tips to help reduce the wear and tear on your plastic and composite kayak and keep your kayak maintenance down to a minimum.
Oh Wait! That Paddleboard is a Kayak
All about how Paddleboards double as sit-on-top kayaks.As paddleboarding is derived from both surfing and paddling, it can technically be considered a hybrid of both sports. There is a surf board and you extend a canoe paddle. When you put the two together you have paddle surfing or what is now known as SUP (standup paddleboarding). But, even as the sport of SUP is itself a hybrid of two sports, there is also a growing segment of the market that is actually seeking a way to further integrate the concepts kayaking and paddleboarding. This is the reason for the advent of paddleboards that also double as sit-on-top kayaks.
Parts of a SUP Paddle
Before one can talk about a SUP paddle, a basic understanding of the parts of a SUP paddle is essential. Here is a basic list and description of each of these components, features, and parts of a SUP paddle.
Avoiding Collisions While Kayaking
With the increase in popularity of water sports over the last decade there are more boats than ever before on our shared waterways. Motor boats, personal water craft, and self-propelled boats such as kayaks and canoes are all vying for their respective rights of way. It is therefore crucial that all boaters know and follow the Rules of the Road in order to avoid a collision while on the water and maintain water safety.
Types of Paddling
Paddling refers to the group of watersports that require a paddle to propel and steer a vessel through and across the water. Canoes, kayaks, standup paddleboards (SUP), and rafts collectively make up the sport known as paddling.
What is Olympic Canoe / Kayak?
Begin to understand the intricacies of the Canoe / Kayak events and how they are executed in the Olympic Games.
All About Kayaking
This guide will help you and your friends who are interested in learning all about kayaking to get started. The more people who are become interested in learning to kayak, the more chance there is for misinformation out there.
Kayak Backwards! Learn the Kayaking Backstroke
Kayak Backwards – Learn the Kayaking Back Stroke There are times while kayaking when the paddler will need to paddle backwards. Of course the kayaker could turn the kayak around or do a spin maneuver, but the kayaking backstroke when executed properly is much more efficient. Here are the steps to performing the kayaking back stroke.
How to Put on and Attach a Spray Skirt
Here is a guide on how to put on a neoprene spray skirt and how to attach it to the cockpit of a kayak. Spray skirts are the answer to the question that non-kayakers ask about how kayaks can flip over and not fill with water. They also serve a purpose when a kayak is upright, namely to keep waves and splashes out of the boat. In short, spray skirts attach to both the kayaker and to the kayak, thereby making the paddler one with the boat.
Definition of Type V PFD
Type V PFD refers to the 5th level of the United States Coast Guard's (USCG) classfication for personal flotation devices. Type V PFDs are intended for specific activities and must be used in accordance with the specifications on their labels. Some of the features that may be included in these devices is hypothermia protection, inflatable portions, and work vests.[/
Learn How to Standup Paddleboard
You may have seen standup paddleboarders paddling by on the beach, under a bridge, or just while driving by a local body of water. As in all watersports, there are a couple of primary ways to learn how to standup paddle board. Not included in these is to just buy some SUP equipment and give it a go by yourself. This article will help you get started to learn how to standup paddleboard.
Should I rent a Canoe, Kayak, or Paddleboard?
Here are some of the pros and cons of canoeing, kayaking, and paddleboarding to help you make that decision.
All about Whitewater Kayaking
Everything you need to know about whitewater kayaking. Whitewater kayaking is one of the most exhilarating water sports out there! Seemingly chaotic, paddling in whitewater is actually elegant and can be very controlled as paddlers become more experienced. Learn all you can about whitewater kayaking so you can make the most out of this exciting and rewarding passion.
Tips on How to Paddle a Tandem Kayak
Tips on how to paddle a tandem canoe with two people.
West Virginia Whitewater Rafting
Get all of your West Virgnia whitewater rafting information about the New River Gorge, The Gauley River, and the Cheat River right here.
How to Store Your Composite Kayak
Here are some tips on how to store your composite kayak and protect your fiberglass, Kevlar, and Carbon Fiber boat.
Canoe and Kayak Launch Etiquette
Without canoe and kayak launch sites much of the waters that are paddled would otherwise be inaccessible. While many of the paddling launches are on public lands, there are a lot of right-of- ways firmly located adjacent to private property. It is therefore no surprise that water accessibility is routinely threatened due to the interests of private and commercial land owners. Here are five things to watch out for in and around paddling launch sites.
West Lake Park: Kayaking and Canoeing in...
Kayaking in Hollywood Florida couldn’t be easier. There is a hidden goldmine of kayaking known as West Lake Park that has easy boat launch access at multiple sites, paddling trails, access to West Lake, and a trail to the Intracoastal Waterway.
5 Goals for Every Paddler
Goal setting is the number one way to achieve what you want most. Why is it then that most of the goals we set are work related or financially motivated? We should be setting goals in every area that we consider important in our lives. That goes double for paddling. Well, maybe that’s a bit overboard. But why not set paddling goals? Here is a list of goals that every paddler should have at all times regardless of their paddling level or number of years on the water.
The Kayak T-Rescue
Every kayaker should know how to get back into their kayak in the event that they become separated from their boat. The Kayak T-Rescue is one of the easiest methods for doing so, providing the kayaker is not paddling alone. The following steps should be practiced by two or more kayakers in shallow water prior to going out on any kind of unprotected water kayaking trip.
Everything You Need to Know About Setting Up a...
When paddling down a river, whitewater or not, paddlers typically don’t finish in the same place as they started. It is in these cases in which the paddlers need to setup what is known as a “shuttle” to ensure that they, their canoes and kayaks, and even their vehicles are picked up at the end of the day.
Olympic Canoe / Kayak Rules and Scoring
The Olympic Canoe / Kayak rules and scoring are derived from the standard international rules as set forth by the International Canoe Federation, or the ICF. The rules and scoring for Olympic Canoe / Kayak are actually very straightforward and self explanatory. The fastest boater wins. Of course there are more specific guidelines which you can read about here. Olympic Canoe / Kayak Rules and Scoring
Sea Kayaking Safety Gear
There are also some very important safety items that should be with the sea kayaker on his or her journey. Here is a list of the most necessary sea kayaking safety gear.
: A kayak is a boat in which a person sits down with his or her legs in front and uses a double-bladed
South Carolina Kayaking and Canoeing
Here is a guide to discovering some of those kayaking (and canoeing) options in and around the state of South Carolina.
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