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Technique, Training, and Fitness

Learning proper technique is the key to maximizing your health and enjoyment of paddle sports. On this page you will find various articles and resources dedicated to teaching you the proper technique, tips for training, and how to enjoy the fitness aspects of kayaking and canoeing as a part of your healthly lifestyle.
  1. Technique Glossary

Stretches for Kayakers
Here is a list of stretches that kayakers can easily do before kayaking, while taking a break on a kayaking trip, or afterward.

Muscles and Body Parts Used in Kayaking
Here is a look at how muscles, joints, and body parts are used when kayaking and some things you can do from an ergonomic standpoint to ensure you are using your body properly when paddling.

Kayaking From a Fitness Standpoint
It is very important to your wellbeing to be well educated on the health and safety factors inherent in the sport of kayaking. Here are some of the basics of kayaking fitness to consider.

Kayaking Strokes - Learn the Different Kayaking Strokes
Kayaking Strokes - Learn the Different Kayaking Strokes

Proper Form, Technique, and Paddling Efficiency
There are three components involved in proper paddling technique for canoes and kayaks. They are boat efficiency, paddle efficiency,and body efficiency. This article is an explanation of these three aspects of paddling efficiency.

Kayak Draw Stroke
Read the steps in this article and learn how to do the draw stroke and amaze your friends as your boat slides sideways in the water.

Kayak Draw Stroke
Read the steps in this article and learn how to do the draw stroke and amaze your friends as your boat slides sideways in the water.

Kayak Backwards! Learn the Kayaking Backstroke
There are times while kayaking when the paddler will need to paddle backwards. Here are the steps to performing the kayaking back stroke.

Stretching Tips for Kayakers
Here are some stretching tips for kayaking to help you develop a routine that doesn’t take too long but helps you keep your body flexible for kayaking.

How to do the Kayak Forward Sweep Stroke
This "how-to" provides the steps on how to execute a forward sweep stroke on the right side of your kayak.

Reverse Sweep Stroke - Kayaking Reverse Sweep Stroke
This how-to explains the proper technique when executing the reverse sweep stroke in a kayak.

Kayak Spin - Spin a Sea Kayak
This how-to explains the proper way to spin a kayak.

What is the Paddler's Box
The paddler’s box is one of the most crucial kayak paddling techniques to maintain, yet it is also the most frequently violated. When ignored, the paddler will be placing their shoulders at risk of injury as well as creating undue fatigue on the arm muscles. When maintained, the paddler's box makes paddling a joy for the kayaker.

How to Canoe: Learn Your Canoe Strokes
This guide will explain the skill progression needed to learn how to canoe.

The Anatomy of a Paddle Stroke
The anatomy of every paddle stroke consists of three phases. First there's the catch phase which is followed by the power phase and then by the recovery phase. This article will describe each of these phases.

Do the Canoe Draw Stroke
This how-to explains the steps involved in the canoeing manuever known as the draw stroke. The canoe draw stroke, along with the j-stroke, is one of the most important canoe strokes to learn yet most recreational canoeists don't even know it exists. Learning the canoe draw stroke can eliminate the need to switch sides every few strokes as it...

Canoe J-Stroke
This how-to explains the steps involved in the canoeing manuever known as the j-stroke. The canoe J-Stroke is probably the most important canoe stroke to learn.

Tuck When Upside-Down in a Kayak
While it is not natural to tuck when upside-down in a kayak, this quick "how-to" will guide you through the steps of tucking when you are upside-down so that you can either wet-exit or roll back up.

How to Sit in a Kayak
Most people wouldn't think there would need to be instructions on how to sit in a kayak. Of course, those who would think that have probably never gotten into one. The truth is, while properly sitting in a kayak isn't difficult it does require some guidance the first time in the boat.

Empty a Kayak
There are a few different ways to empty a kayak that is full of water. This how-to addresses how to empty a whitewater kayak that has been water logged.

Wet Exit Your Kayak While it is Upside Down
Being able to safely exit a kayak while it is upside down, also known as a wet exit, is an extremely crucial skill to the survival of every kayaker. Successfully wet exiting your kayak can be the difference between life and death. This how to will give you the basi

Learn the Buddy Roll!
This article gives a detailed step-by-step description of how to perform the kayaking technique known as the buddy roll.

Practice and Learn to Hip Snap You Kayak
This article teaches a person how to practice the hip snap in a kayak.

Roll a Kayak: Skill Progression
This kayak roll skill progression will help guide you through the various techniques involved in rolling a kayak.

Learn to Flip Your Kayak Over When You End Up Upside Down
Every whitewater kayaker will flip over at some point early in their paddling career, probably even on the first day. Sea kayakers are even susceptible to a potential mishap and will find themselves upside down on occasion. Flipping over in a kayak is really just part of the game and can actually be fun. There are other times when being upside down in a kayak can lead to a life or death si

How to Teach a Friend the Kayak Roll
This step-by-step tutorial gives a detailed description of how to teach someone the kayak roll.

How To Get Into a Kayak
This article outlines the steps for how to get into a kayak safely.

How to Safely Exit a Whitewater Kayak
Learning to exit one's whitewater kayak can be a tricky and humbling experience. With kayakers literally stuffing themselves into boats nowadays, getting out of those kayaks can often provide amusement for one's friends as well as any onlookers at the take-out. That being said, it doesn't have to be you at the center of the jokes. Simply practice these steps to learn to exit your kayak with gr…

Perfect the Canoe Forward Stroke
This article explains how to do the most basic canoe stroke known as the forward stroke.

Learn to Properly Hold a Canoe Paddle
This article describes to the reader how to hold a canoe paddle.

Learn To Properly Hold a Kayak Paddle
This article describes how to hold a kayak paddle properly.

How To Take a Forward Stroke
This article describes how to hold and use a kayak paddle.

Learn the Buddy Roll!
This article gives a detailed step-by-step description of how to perform the kayaking technique known as the buddy roll.

How Do I Carry My Kayak?
Carrying a kayak can be a dreaded affair for many paddlers. This article will give you steps for three different methods to carry your kayak in an effort to help ease the pain of your next carry.

Proper Canoe Lifting Technique
Lifting a canoe by yourself can seem like an impossible feat. This pictorial article gives you step-by-step instructions on how to lift and put back down your canoe in those times when you are all alone.

"How to Paddle a Canoe, Canoe Paddling Techniques"
This page gives all aspiring and beginning canoeists a summary of the canoe techniques they should master.

Learn the Canoe J-Stroke
The Canoe J-Stroke is the most important stroke for a solo-canoeist to learn. This on-line guide will instruct you on this technique.

Low-Brace Technique for Kayaking
The Low-Brace is the most common and safe method for preventing yourself from tipping over in any type of kayak. This article gives you the steps you will need to perfect to add this move to your kayaking arsenal of strokes.

Sea Kayaking Surf Launching and Landing Techniques
Paddling a Sea Kayak through the surf can be a humbling experience and has often prevented a Sea Kayaking trip before it even began. This article will give you some tips for getting out into the ocean and back in again safely.

Paddling Canoes and Kayaks is Great Exercise
Paddling is great exercise whether you mean it to be or not. Canoeing and kayaking offer a unique blend of cardiovascular benefits and upper body conditioning like no other. This article examines these and other health benefits of canoeing and kayaking.

Whitewater Kayaking: An Ergonomic Approach
This article takes readers on a journey through the different aspects of Whitewater kayaking as it relates to ergonomics and overall user comfort and safety.

Exercise on Water: The Health Benefits of Paddling for Women
This piece written by the About.com Women's Health Guide outlines the health benefits of canoeing and kayaking for women.

Head-to-Toe Stretches Great for Kayaking
This article, although written for runners, is a great set of stretches that kayakers can use. Since kayakers spend a great deal of time inside of their boats, it is essential that they stretch not only their upper bodies but also their lower bodies.

Kayaking Stretches: Printable Instructions
Stretching can make all the difference in the world for your paddling comfort. This is especially true when you paddle for 3 and 4 days in a row. This PDF document is great to print out and take along on your next kayaking trip.

Yoga is Great for Paddling
Besides aiding in digestion, increasing your circulation, and helping you sleep, yoga can provide great flexibility for paddling. If you get sore while sitting in or on your boat, this article will help you immensely.

Biomechanical and Ergonomic Solutions to Modern Kayaking
Do you get stiff and sore in your kayak? That's because of the "L Position" that our bodies utilize while in our kayaks. This article explains all about it and what we can do to combat it as well as the alternatives to this position.

Before Heading Out to Open Water
Steps for paddlers to take before sea kayaking in open water and rough water conditions.

Tips to Taking Your Kayaking to the Next Level
Learn how to practice sea kayaking and whitewater kayaking in real life open water and whitewater situations.

Tips on How to Paddle a Tandem Kayak
Tips on how to paddle a tandem canoe with two people.

Tips on How to Paddle a Tandem Kayak
Tips on how to paddle a tandem kayak with two people.

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