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Paddle Float Tutorial - How to Self Rescue using a Paddle Float


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How to Self Rescue Using a Kayak Paddle Float
How to properly use a paddle float to get back into and bilge out a flipped kayak.

A kayaker uses a paddle float to re-enter a flipped kayak.

© by George E. Sayour
Every kayaker who spends any amount of time in their boat will at some point end up flipping over in their kayak. Its just a part of the sport really. There are many ways to remedy the situation, namely getting the kayak back upright with the paddler in the kayak. Kayakers can learn to roll their kayaks, do assisted or "buddy" rolls, or wet-exit and have to make their way back into their kayak. There are rescues such as the T-Rescue where another kayaker assists in getting the flipped kayaker back into their kayak. And then there are the rescues that employ the use of a paddle float. While all of these safety techniques are important to know and practice, it is always essential that each kayaker know how to get back into his or her kayak on their own. It is for this reason that the paddle float was invented. The following image gallery will give a step-by-step look at how to properly use a paddle float to get back into and bilge out a flipped kayak.
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