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Everything You Could Possibly Want to Know About Olympic Rowing


Men's Coxless Pair

Ted Murphy and Sebastian Bea compete in the coxless pair (2-) at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

© by Darren McNAmara / Getty Images

For most people, Rowing is the last thing they think about when it comes to the Olympics. This is ironic when one considers that Olympic Rowing has been contested in every Olympics except for the very first one in 1896. The lack of participation in 1896 was not due to an omission but rather the conditions were too tumultuous to allow the Rowing events to commence.

About Olympic Rowing:

What’s there to know about Olympic Rowing? Lots actually! At first read it could seem like a logical question but when a person actually learns about the differentiation in the events and the equipment it becomes apparent that there is much to this most ancient of sports.

The Olympic Rowing Athletes:

In the long, storied, and prestigious history of United States Olympic Rowing, it is the athletes who carry the torch, so to speak, and keep the tradition alive. Meet some of this year's representatives who will be rowing and sculling for the red, white, and blue. Also, get acquainted with the rivals they will have to overcome en route to the podium.

Olympic Rowing Action Image Galleries:

One cannot adequately appreciate the sport of Olympic Rowing without seeing it in person. Short of attending an actual Rowing event, these pictures will give the spectator a basic idea of the athletes and equipment that are used in Olympic Rowing. Take a look at these action shots to gain a fuller appreciation of the Olympic Sport of Rowing:

Olympic Rowing History:

Olympic Rowing has a long and celebrated history. From it’s ancient roots to a sport for the elite, rowing is a timeless activity that cuts across generational, cultural, and economic lines. Learn all about the beginnings of this sport, the past medalists, and the greatest moments in Olympic Rowing history.

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