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Rowing & Crew

Rowing is one of the oldest activities and sports still in existence. It has been a part of the Olympic Games since the 1900 Paris Games and it continues to grow in popularity and prestige. On this page you will find all kinds of information regarding rowing and crew
  1. Olympic Rowing Medalists (18)

Eton Dorney Lake and the London Olympics
The 2012 London Olympics Rowing and Canoe Sprint events will take place at the Eton College Rowing Centre otherwise known as Eton Dorney. Learn all about this world class facility here.

Meet the 2012 U.S. Women's Eights Olympic Rowing Team
The U.S. Women's Eights Olympic Rowing Team has much to look forward to as well as live up to in the 2012 London Olympics. Meet the ladies here in this article.

2012 Olympic Rowing
Here you'll find all the information you'll need regarding the 2012 London Summer Olympics Rowing Events.

2012 London Olympics Women’s Rowing Schedule
The Summer Olympics kicks off on Friday, July 27 and carries on until Sunday, August 12. The 2012 London Olympic Men's Rowing schedule events will be contested during the first eight days, from Saturday July 28 to Saturday August 4.

2012 London Olympics Men’s Rowing Schedule
The Summer Olympics kicks off on Friday, July 27 and carries on until Sunday, August 12. The 2012 London Olympics Rowing schedule of events will be contested over the first eight days, from Saturday July 28 to Saturday August 4.

The Top 10 Differences Between Rowing and Paddling
Rowing and Paddling are not the same! Learn the Top 10 Differences between Rowing and Paddling.

Olympic Rowing Action Image Gallery
This image gallery features photos of Olympic Rowing athletes, events, and facilities. Become acquainted with the terminology, equipment, precision, and strength that is Olympic Rowing.

How To Sit in the Rest Position in a Scull
The article teaches the reader how to sit in the rest position in a scull and be relaxed when the boat is not moving.

How To Scull
This article outlines the basics of sculling and how to row a scull.

How To Get Into a Scull
This aritcle describes how to get into a scull, a narrow boat used in the sport of rowing.

An Illustrated History of Rowing
Rowing has been around from the beginning of human civilizations. This articles features an illustrated history of this most ancient of acitivities known as rowing.

Learn the Sport of Rowing
This article features articles, how-tos, and tutorials focused on the sport of rowing.

Greatest Moments in Olympic Rowing History
Olympic Rowing has one of the oldest histories of any Olympic sport. It therefore goes without saying that there have been many great moments over the years in Olympic Rowing history. On this page you will find some of the more memorable happenings that fans of this sport hold dear to their hearts.

Everything You Could Possibly Want to Know About Olympic Rowing
This article is your guide to all of the facts, figures, and interesting tidbits regarding the Olympic Rowing events.

What is Olympic Rowing?
What is Olympic Rowing? There are many different facets to Olympic Rowing. Learn all about them and find other great resources through this article.

Olympic Rowing Rules and Scoring
Olympic Rowing can be a complicated sport to understand. There are single sculls, double sculls, coxless pairs, coxed quads, and eights to name just a few of the events. Learn all about how to decipher this terminology and how the events are run.

Your Road to the Olympic Rowing Team
This article describes the process to qualify for the Olympic Rowing teams.

The United States Rowing Team has a long and storied tradition of excellence...
The United States Rowing Team has a long and storied tradition of excellence as the premier team in Olympic Rowing. With 80 total Olympic Rowing medals, the United States Olympic Rowing Team. has a crushing lead over what was East Germany, who holds the next highest medal count with only 47. It is true that in recent years the gap has been...

Olympic Rowing: The Best of the Rest
The Olympic Rowing competition will be fierce in 2008. The road just to get to the Olympics was a grueling experience around the world as many national “favorites” will be left on the sidelines this summer. Here is a list of some of the fiercest Olympic Rowing competitors that the United States will have to face en route to the podium in Beij

Past Olympic Rowing Medalists
Find the names and times of all the Olympic Rowing past medalists for the events that are still a part of the Olympic Games.

Rowing and Sculling FAQs
Rec.Sport.Rowing compiled this extensive list of frequently asked questions about rowing and sculling. Are there Rowing Camps? Are there places where I can learn how to row?

U.S. Rowing
Official site of the national governing body for the sport of rowing.

World Rowing
Official web site of the Federation Internationale des Societes d'Aviron (FISA). Contains world championship news and results.

Rowing and Sculling for Rowers and Scullers
Information source for rowing, including results, news, features and interviews, photo gallery, National Team info, and a collection of rowing links.

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