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Related Sports

There are many sports that are related to kayaking and canoeing. Whether you enjoy fishing off of your kayak or you are planning a multi-day canoe and camping trip, this page will give you some interesting information to help you on your way.
  1. Kayak Fishing Links

Peace River Fossil Hunting Checklist
Here is a list of things to bring along on your adventure to find shark teeth on the Peace River.

The Basics of Kayak Fishing
Learn all about the basics and requirements of the growing sport of kayak fishing.

Top 9 Reasons for Kayak Fishing
This article gives the top reasons to fish from a kayak by the About.com Fishing Guide.

Riverboarding: An Extreme Whitewater Ride
Imagine kayaking down a class iv or class v river. Now imagine doing it without the kayak. Riverboarding involves running exciting whitewater rivers while riding a "boogie-board" type device.

Consider Canoeing to Your Next Campsite
Feed your love for the outdoors by combining the activities of canoeing and camping into one adventure.

The Basics of Float Fishing
Learn what is needed to give float fishing a try.

The Solar Kayak: No More Paddling Necessary
Are you tired of paddling? Check out this solar powered kayak attachment.

Abalone Fishing by Kayak
It takes a special breed of human to dive for abalone in the cold waters of the Pacific. Typically this sport is done from the flotation of a boogie board or an inner tube. Here you can learn how the use of kayaks is beginning to transform this sport.

Kayaking and SUP with Whales, Sharks, Dolphins, and Seals
Have you ever wanted to kayak with the great creatures of the sea? Here are some tips about standup paddleboarding or kayaking with whales, sharks, dolphins, and seals.

Canoeing and Kayaking in Search of Wildlife
While bird watching and fishing from a kayak are two natural activities that coincide with paddling, there are other types of creatures that kayakers and canoeists find themselves in search of when paddling. Here is a list of the different types of wildlife that people can canoe or kayak with.

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