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Big Nasty on the Cheat River

One Nasty Hole!


Big Nasty on the Cheat River Canyon

Big Nasty on the Cheat River Canyon

Photo © by George E. Sayour
Big Nasty is what whitewater is all about and the first big test for kayaks and rafts on the Cheat River. About 1.5 miles downstream of Decision Rapid, the whole river necks down here forcing the flow into this hole. There will be a large pool above a right hand bend in the river. This is your indication that Big Nasty is looming down below. At low levels, Big Nasty is a great surf and can be accessed from eddies on either side of the river. At higher levels like the name says, this hole is quite nasty. Skirt it on the left. If you're not kayaking with someone how knows the Cheat Canyon, get out and scout it from river-left.
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