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Kayaking over Agers Falls

Makes For A Great Photo And An Even Bigger Thrill


Agers Falls of the Moose River in Upstate New York is one of the biggest draws of boaters from all over the U.S. to the Moose River.
A Kayak Paddles Over Agers Falls on the Moose River in Upstate, NY

A Kayak Paddles Over Agers Falls on the Moose River in Upstate, NY

Photo © by George E. Sayour

Although there are much more fun rapids on the Moose than Agers Falls, there is just something about approaching that horizon line just before hurling your boat and body over the edge that makes this waterfall the highlight of the day. It is an extremely safe waterfall (as far as waterfalls go) and can be run almost anywhere.

Be Creative!
It is not uncommon to watch people cartwheel off the lip of the waterfall or to run over it backwards. The pool below is provides for a nice landing, but as with all waterfalls, paddle hard upon landing so as not to get sucked back into the falls.

Do It Again!
You'll definitely want to run this waterfall a few times. Just eddy out on river right, climb up with your boat and launch yourself off once again.

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