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Kayak Paddling


There is a lot to paddling a kayak that people just don't think about or realize. Seasoned paddlers know all to well the trials that one goes through while learning to kayak. These resources will help you learn all of those things you've always wondered about paddling a kayak but were too shy or embarrassed to ask.
  1. Basic Kayaking Information
  2. Kayaking Technique
  3. Kayak Equipment
  4. Advanced Kayaking

Basic Kayaking Information

Kayak Technique Lesson

Whether it is carrying a kayak or simply getting into it, every person who has endeavored to paddle a kayak has found that some tasks are simply easier said than done. This section is designed to help you with those overlooked, yet essential, aspects of paddling a kayak.

Kayaking Technique

Learn to Hip Snap Your Kayak

Almost anyone can get in a kayak and paddle it around. It is only in advancing past those basic skills that one can truly enjoy the sport and all that kayaking has to offer. Kayaking is all about being one with the kayak and the freedom found in doing so just inches above the surface of the water. Begin to learn these skills to get just one step closer to this goal.

Kayak Equipment

Kayaks in Outdoor World

Everyone knows that you need a paddle to go kayaking. But what else is needed? And not only what else is needed, but how do you pick out all of that equipment? These articles will help you on your way to your next kayak or kayak equipment purchase.

Advanced Kayaking

Training to roll a kayak

If you've been kayaking for a few years and have mastered the above kayaking techniques you're probably thinking of what else you can do to take your paddling to the next level. Here are some topics in kayaking for you to consider.

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