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Learn to Paddle and Enjoy Canoes and Kayaks


There certainly is a lot to the sports known collectively as paddling. The sheer volume of boat and gear options is more than enough to confuse the uninitiated. This page will give you a taste of the different flavors of paddling canoes and kayaks in an effort to make your breaking in period just a little bit easier.
  1. About Paddling
  2. About Canoe and Kayak Gear
  3. Canoe and Kayak Safety
  4. Paddling Destinations

About Paddling

The sport of paddling has a long and varied history and encompasses many different genres. For as long as there has been civilizations, people have paddled canoes and kayaks. Each time we paddle we tap into this heritage. This section will examine the different aspects of the sport of paddling.

About Canoe and Kayak Gear

Kayaks in Outdoor World

It really is amazing how much canoe and kayak gear has certainly improved over the last ten years. Boats are smaller, faster, and stronger and most of the equipment is more durable while at the same time weighing less. Here you will find a guide to the equipment and gear requirements of each sport.

Canoe and Kayak Safety

Wear Your Life Jacket While Kayaking Photo

While it is true that paddling canoes and kayaks is loads of fun, it is also a reality that the sports of paddling can be dangerous. It is therefore each paddler's job to ensure that they are being as safe as they can out on the water. Here are some articles regarding paddling safety.

Paddling Destinations

Coldwater Creek Kayaking

While it is true that you will find people paddling canoes and kayaks anywhere there is water, there are some areas that are more conducive to these types of activities. Here you will find some paddling "hot spots" as well as some great places to take lessons and learn how to canoe, kayak, and raft.

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