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How to Strap Your Canoe or Kayak to a Roof Rack


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The Steps to Strap Your Canoe or Kayak to a Roof Rack
Honda Element with Kayak and Canoe on Roof

A kayak and a canoe are creatively strapped to the roof rack of a Honda Element.

Photo © by George E. Sayour

Anyone who paddles a kayak or canoe must have a way to transport them to and from the water. Serious paddlers have this fact in mind whenever they make an automobile purchase. While canoe and kayak roof racks can be fitted to virtually any type of vehicle, some manufacturers make it easier than others.

This step-by-step will describe how to secure a canoe or kayak to a factory installed or after market roof rack. While there are many fancy attachments now-a-days to help transport canoes and kayak, the strapping method for the most part remains unchanged as it is the kayak position and not the strap position that changes. When in doubt always consult the instruction manual that came with your car or canoe and kayak roof rack.

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