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Holiday Gifts for Paddlers - Gifts for Paddlers of Kayaks and Canoes


AW Holiday Membership Offer
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If there's a paddler in your life, you're probably wondering what to get him or her for the holidays. While its true that there is nothing that paddlers enjoy more than getting new gear, it is also a fact that kayaking and canoeing equipment are very difficult to buy for another person. The preferences, sizes, and genres of gear are as different as the paddler's themselves. It is for this reason that I compiled this list of can't-go-wrong holiday gifts for paddlers. Consider giving these items as presents for those canoeists and kayakers in your life during this Christmas and holiday season.

5 Holiday Gifts for Paddlers

  • Gift Certificate to NRS
    NRS stands for Northwest River Supplies. It is one of the favored manufacturers and distributers of paddling related gear in the country. While NRS does cater to the whitewater paddling market, paddlers of all types will find products that suit their tastes and needs. An NRS Giftcard would make the perfect holiday and Christmas gift of Kayakers and Canoiests.
  • Membership to AW
    AW is the premier whitewater and river conservation organization in the United States. Giving the Gift of an American Whitewater annual membership would serve a couple of purposes. First, you would be supporting a cause that is dear to the heart of all paddlers and outdoor's lovers. Second, all American Whitewater members receive a subscription to American Whitewater, the bi-monthly journal loved by whitewater boaters.
  • Membership to ACA
    The ACA is the leading organization and authority in the United States for paddlesports. While the list of benefits of ACA membership is too long to list here, the recipient of this holiday gift will receive a subscription to Paddler Magazine, ACA's publication which is endeared by all kayakers and canoeists alike.
  • Canoe & Kayak Subscription
    While the ACA and AW memberships do come with their own magazine subscriptions, and fine ones at that, there is always the chance that the paddler in your life is already a member of one or both of these canoe and kayak associations. In these cases, a subscription to Canoe & Kayak, perhaps the most well-known paddling magazine would make a wonderful Christmas and holiday gift of the kayak or canoe paddler in your life.
  • Paddling Related Shirts and Hats
    And finally, there isn't a paddler out there that doesn't simply appreciate canoe and kayak related t-shirts and hats. It's what we wear to the river and beach. They're what we bum around in. They help us express our passion for our sports. Once again, NRS is a great place to shop for paddling related apparel. Also, Paddling.net has a pretty cool selection of t-shirts and hats you could give a paddler as a gift this holiday season.
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