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2012 London Olympics Women's Rowing Medalists and Results


In 2012 the Summer Olympic Games headed west to London, England. The well-respected Eton Dorney Lake was the rowing and flatwater canoe/kayak venue for the games. 14 Rowing events were held at Eton Dorney which included 8 men’s and 6 women’s rowing events. Here is a summary of the women’s sweep oar rowing and sculling medalists at the 2012 London Olympics.

13 countries medaled in the various women’s rowing events. The United States was among the leading countries winning two medals in women's rowing events. Additionally, the United States women took the gold medal for the second straight Olympics in the highlight of the rowing competitions, the Eight with Coxswain (8+) event.

2012 London Olympics - Women’s Rowing - Sculling Events:

There were four women’s sculling events at the 2012 Beijing Summer Olympics. Sculling is rowing where each participant uses two oars and is distinguished with an “x” in the event name. The number in front of the “x” indicates how women are in each scull or boat.

The 2012 Beijing Summer Olympics Women’s Rowing Sweep Events:

There were only two women’s rowing sweep oar events. Sweep oar rowing involves each woman in the crew to only maneuver one oar and is distinguished by the “-“ in the event name. The number in each event name indicates the number of people in each sweep oar boat. If a “+” is used instead of a “-“ this means that there is a cox or coxswain in the boat in addition to the number of rowers. The cox helps steer the boat as well as keeps the timing of the crew. So, an event that says Woman’s 8(+) means the event is a women’s sweep oar event with 8 rowers plus 1 coxswain in the boat for a total of 9 people in the sweep oar boat.
  • 2012 London Olympics Women’s Rowing Pair without Coxswain (2-) Medalists

    • Women’s Pair Gold Medalists: (GBR) 7:27.13
      • Helen GLOVER
      • Heather STANNING
    • Women’s Pair Silver Medalists: (AUS) 7:29.86
      • Kate HORNSEY
      • Sarah TAIT
    • Women’s Pair Bronze Medalists: (NZL) 7:30.19
      • Juliette HAIGH
      • Rebecca SCOWN

    2012 London Olympics Women’s Rowing Eight with Coxswain (8+) Medalists

    • Women’s Eight Gold Medalists: (USA) 6:10.59
      • Mary WHIPPLE
      • Caryn DAVIES
      • Erin CAFARO
      • Eleanor “Elle” LOGAN
      • Susan FRANCIA
      • Caroline LIND
      • Esther LOFGREN
      • Meghan MUSNICKI
      • Taylor Ritzel
    • Women’s Eight Silver Medalists: (CAN) 6:12.06
      • J. HANSON
      • R. VIINBERG
      • K. GULOIEN
      • L. WILKINSON
      • N. MASTRACCI
      • D. MARQUARDT
      • A. MORIN
    • Women’s Eight Bronze Medalists: (NED) 6:13.12
      • J. VEENHOVEN
      • N. KINGMA
      • S. DE GROOT
      • C. BELDERBOS
      • C. BOUW
      • A. DE HAAN

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