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An Illustrated History of Canoe/Kayak


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Into The Future! Where Canoe/Kayak is Now & Where It's Going
Kayaks Travel on a Conveyor Belt

Kayakers travel on a conveyor belt en route to the water of the Schinias Canoe/Kayak Park of the 2004 Olympics in Athens, Greece.

© by Milos Bicanski / Getty Images
It's hard to predict what is next for the sports represented by the title canoe/kayak. There are man-made rivers, conveyor belt transport systems, and canoes and kayaks that hardly look like they could hold a human, let alone float. And still, at the core of it all, the goal stays the same. Paddlers of canoes and kayaks and the designers of both strive to find new ways to be close to nature, be one with water, and enjoy all the riches that paddling has to offer.

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