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The varied sport of paddling has a unique and long history that dates back thousands of years. Here you will find articles about the earliest canoes and kayaks, the canoe and kayak athletes themselves, as well as some interesting and zany facts about each.
  1. Ancient Canoe Discovered
  2. Olympic Canoe/Kayak Winners (20)

Meet the 2012 U.S. Olympic Slalom Canoe/Kayak Team
The United States Olympic Canoe/Kayak team has both Here's some interesting facts to help you get to know our our men and women who earned the right to represent the red, white, and blue in London.

Tony Estanguet and Michal Martikan Continue C-1 Olympic Rivalry
C-1 Canoe/Kayak competitors Michal Martikan and Tony Estanguet are two paddlers that have dominated the sport of Olympic Canoe for the last 4 Olympics. Learn about this great Olympic rivalry here

The United States Olympic Canoe/Kayak team has both familiar and new faces...
The United States Olympic Canoe/Kayak team has both familiar and new faces filling their 7 spots for the 2012 Summer Olympics. 2 of those spots have gone to a male and female competing in the flatwater events for the U.S. Here's some interesting facts about to help you get to know Carrie Johnson and Tim Hornsby who earned the right to...

2012 London Olympics Flatwater Canoe / Kayak Schedule
The 2012 London Olympics kicks off on Friday, July 27 and carries on until Sunday, August 12. The flatwater canoe events, also referred to as Canoe/Kayak events, will be contested from Monday, August 6 to Saturday August 11.

2012 London Olympic Whitwater Slalom Canoe / Kayak Schedule
The 2012 London Olympics kicks off on Friday, July 27 and carries on until Sunday, August 12. The whitewater canoe and kayak events, also referred to as the slalom canoe/kayak events, will be contested from Sunnday, July 29 to Thursday August 2. Check here for the schedule of events.

Plastic Kayaks
How Plastic Changed the Sport of Kayaking

The Lee Valley White Water Centre
The 2012 London Olympic Canoe Slalom events will take place at the brand new Lee Valley White Water Centre. Learn all about this brand new state of the art facility here.

An Illustrated History of Canoe/Kayak
Canoes and kayaks have been around since the beginning of human civilizations. This articles features an illustrated history of the sports that use canoes and kayaks.

100 Year Old Canoe Found in Alaska
Learn about the 100 year old canoe found on Prince of Wales Island, Alaska.

250 Year Old Canadian Canoe
This 250 year old Canadian Canoe was discovered in a British barn.

Greatest Moments in Olympic Canoe/Kayak History
Olympic Canoe/Kayak is not without it's share of excitement, drama, and memorable highlights. It might also surprise you to know that canoe/kayak holds some overall Olympic records. Contained here are the Greatest Moments in Olympic Canoe/Kayak history.

The 2008 U.S. Olympic Canoe/kayak Team
The last members of the U.S. Olympic Canoe/Kayak team were finally chosen with just over one month until the games. Learn all about these athletes who will represent the United States in the sport of canoe/kayak in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

The Best of the Rest: The U.S.'s Canoe/Kayak Competition in Beijing
Of course we're all rooting for the canoe/kayak competitors representing the red, white, and blue this summer. But the fact remains that the competition is stiff and it's going to be a tough road ahead for our paddlers in Beijing. Here is a list of the most formidable foes that our United States Canoe/Kayak team will have to face in order to secure their place on the podium.

Past Olympic Canoe / Kayak Medalists
Find the names and times of all the Olympic Canoe/Kayak past medalists for the events that are still a part of the Olympic Games.

Prehistoric Canoe Discovered in Tampa
Pinellas County revealed a recent archeological discovery: An area resident located a 39-foot pine canoe which dates back approximately 1,100 years.

The Kayak and the Arctic People: A Brief History
This article discusses the origins of the kayak and the Arctic People's contribution to its development.

Kayaks and Whaling in Alaska
Did you know that kayaks were used to hunt the "bowhead" whale for at least 2500 years? This article will explain how kayaks were used in whaling in Alaska and the Yukon.

The Native American Tomol: A Ocean-faring Legend
The Native American Tomol is the oldest example that we have of ancient ocean-faring vesels in North America. This article discusses this wooden canoe.

New Inductees to the Whitewater Hall of Fame
Yes, there is a Whitewater Hall of Fame. Here you will find the 2007 inductees which included legendary kayak designer Tony Prijon.

The Evolution of Paddling
A brief history and look at how modern paddling has evolved.

How the Recreational Market Has Fueled Innovation in Paddling
Learn all about how the recreational canoe and kayak market has fueled innovation in the sport of paddling.

What's Next in Paddling?
This article looks at the factors and trends that have shaped and will continue to shape the sport of paddling.

The Modern History of Paddling
Here's a look back as well as a look ahead at the sports of canoeing, kayaking, and standup paddleboarding.

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