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Georgia Canoeing and Kayaking

Finding Places to Paddle in Georgia


Georgia is one of only a handful of states featuring every type of canoeing and kayaking. Along the Georgia Coast you can Sea Kayak and do some epic Touring trips. Inland there is plenty of flatwater paddling to enjoy on the plethora of rivers and lakes that dot and line the state. And of course, in the North Georgia mountains there is access to whitewater canoeing and kayaking. You can use this page as your guide to find the perfect Georgia canoe or kayak destination to fit your needs.

Recreational Canoeing and Kayaking in Georgia

While Georgia does have some very good sea kayaking and whitewater kayaking, there are also some places where you can do some less intense and more relaxing paddling. Here are a few of those places.

Sea Kayaking along Georgia's Coast

With over a hundred miles of coastline and many islands and marshes to explore, Georgia is ripe with Sea Kayaking opportunities. Here are just a couple of the trips you can do.
  • Sea Kayak at Sea Island, Georgia Nestled in between Savannah GA, Jacksonville FL, Sea Island Georgia has coastal recreational activities for the whole family including Sea Kayaking. Learn more about Sea Island, Georgia here.
  • Sea Kayaking at Georgia's Tybee Island
    Tybee Island is one of Georgia's most popular sea kayaking destinations. Learn more about Tybee Island's sea kayaking opportunities here.

Whitewater Paddling in Georgia

I'll bet you didn't realize there was as much whitewater paddling in Georgia as there is. Check out these options for your whitewater kayaking and rafting options in Georgia.

General Canoe and Kayak Information for Georgia

Here is some additional information for canoeing, kayaking, and rafting in the state of Georgia.
  • Georgia Canoe Association
    Headquartered out of Atlanta, Ga, the Georgia Canoe Association is a great resource for the various canoe and kayak outings across the state.
  • Georgia Trip Reports
    Read what others are saying about specific places to canoe and kayak in Georgia or share your own insights. These trip reports will most certainly prove valuable on your next visit to one of these rivers, lakes, or ocean paddling spots.
  • Paddling Georgia Rivers and Streams
    This page has canoeing and kayaking information on a list of 20 rivers or streams across the state of Georgia.
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