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Ned's Gulch on the Merced River


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Kayaking Ned's Gulch of the Merced River
Ned's Gulch Merced River #2

Ned's Gulch on the Merced River as seen from Route 140

Photo © by George E. Sayour
Ned's Gulch of the Merced River is the highlight of the 15 mile section that runs along Route 140. Ned's as it is called, is situated 7.9 miles from the put-in at Red Bud, This rapid is long, complex, requires technical paddling, good boat control, and a bomb-proof roll. Given all of that, it is amazingly convenient that Ned's is in perfect proximity to Route 140 that leads into Yosemite National Park, which greatly aids in the scouting of this long rapid. However, as anyone who's kayaked Ned's will tell you, scouting Ned's Gulch from above and actually running it yields two completely different perspectives.
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