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American Canoe Association

The ACA: America's Canoeing and Kayaking Authority


American Canoe Association

Every person who has ever paddled a canoe or a kayak in the United States owes a huge debt of gratitude to the organization known as the American Canoe Association. The ACA is largely responsible for much of the benefits we all have come to take for granted when it comes to paddling in U.S. It is becoming increasingly important to grow the awareness of the American Canoe Association as the sports of canoeing and kayaking continue to grow in popularity and in participation.

Background and Mission of the ACA

Founded in 1880 as an organization based on camaraderie, competition, and exploration the American Canoe Association still maintains these tenets. But, as the times have changed so has the ACA. They have widened their area of focus to include boater education, natural resource conservation and stewardship, and the promotion of recreational paddlesports around the U.S.

What the ACA Does

Practically speaking, the ACA is the leading authority in the United States for canoeing and kayaking. They maintain and disseminate curriculum on paddler safety and paddling technique. The ACA is also the governing body when it comes to training and certifying canoe and kayak instructors and does so at different levels of competency and specialization. Finally, the American Canoe Association acts as the leading paddling advocate in the country, pressing and standing up for paddler's rights wherever they are threatened.

ACA Membership

The American Canoe Association is a member-based organization. While their reach is felt by every paddler of canoes and kayaks, the ACA can't educate, protect, and advocate for paddlers without paying members. American Canoe Association membership earns paddlers a whole host of benefits. Some of these include receiving the industry standard Paddler Magazine, unlimited access to numerous resources and events, exclusive access to the ACA's own Sugar Island, and many other members' only specials.

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