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2014 Whitewater Rafting Season


While the most exciting whitewater rafting is often during spring snowmelt, summer dam releases can rival the thrill of early spring trips.   And, of course, the weather's a whole lot nicer this time of year.   So, explore the articles below to determine if some warm weather whitewater is an option for you

Paddling Spotlight10

All About the Risks in Whitewater Kayakaing

All about the risks inherent in whitewater kayaking

Beginner Tips for Not Flipping in Whitewater

Four tips for beginning kayakers so they don't flip over in whitewater.

Risk Homeostasis in Whitewater Kayaking

All about whitewater kayaking risk homeostasis and managing the risks while paddling whitewater.

Risk Homeostasis in Kayaking

All about risk homeostasis in kayaking and risk compensation in kayaking.

Tips on How to Paddle a Tandem Canoe

Tips on how to paddle a tandem canoe with two people.

Tips on How to Paddle a Tandem Kayak

Tips on how to paddle a tandem kayak with two people.

Kayaking Gear Maintenance and Repair

Here is a guide to kayaking gear maintenance and repair. Learn to care for, store, maintain, and repair your kayak and gear.

All About Repairing Plastic Kayaks

Here is a guide to determine if you can repair or plastic weld your plastic kayak.

Kayaking the Florida Panhandle State Parks

Kayaking Blackwater River State Park is uniquely Florida State Park canoe and kayak experience.

Paddling Florida's State Parks

A summary of the different areas within the Florida States Park System and the types of canoeing, kayaking, and paddleboarding found in each.

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